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  • Roger Fartstein

Orange beach man claiming to be hard-working blue collar citizen crashes his $200,000 fishing boat.

Ron Gabones, an Orange Beach resident, was in over his head this weekend after his fishing vessel capsized in Perdido Pass. Gabones, a real estate investor from Texas survived the mishap, but lost his pride and persona in the meantime. Gabones was rescued by a family driving by in a rented pontoon. One of the passengers in the pontoon, Jim Cabels, mentioned that he had met Gabones prior to the incident. Cabels stated that before he and his family saved Gabones, they met at a bar where Gabones proudly announced to everyone around that he was just a “hard working SOB, and that he was sick of all of the lazy, tax-sucking leeches out there.” Research reveals that 89% of Gabones’ real estate portfolio consists of government-subsidized housing. Gabones declined our requests for comment.

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