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  • Roger Fartstein

Family drives 6 MPH on Garçon Point Bridge for old times sake

Local Mom just wants a taste of 2020

Local Mom Karol Bardinia said that she has made a habit of taking the Garcon Point Bridge as a tribute to simpler times. The Bridge was highly used after several Skanska barges broke loose during Hurricane Sally and damaged the Chappie James Three Mile Bridge forcing people traveling between Pensacola and Gulf Breeze to find another route. During the peak detour season in 2020-2021, traffic would regularly be backed up for hours on the Garcon Bridge. Local hero Bardinia became all-too comfortable driving at a snail's pace over the Garcon Bridge and said that she's recently gone back to relive 2020. Bardinia says that the slow ride over the bridge is cathartic, but that it gets stressful sometimes because she usually has a line of 50 or so cars honking behind her.


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