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  • D.T. Deluna

Gallery Night to be all virtual this week. At home experience featuring loud trucks, drunk people

With this week's Gallery Night being forced to go virtual due to Covid-19, a local company is offering to create an at-home experience that will rival the real thing. Gallery-Night-At-Home kit, created by Bock Gralbo, is a fully immersive experience that will allow Pensacolians to party party at home like they are right on Palafox. The experience, Gralbo says, will start as a charming time, just like gallery night. Before sunset, online vendors will offer up homemade goods for sale. Charming. Then as the sun sets, folks at home will have a number of bands play virtual acts, while drinks are delivered right to their homes. The pinnacle of the Gallery-Night-At-Home kit will be after 10:30 when viewers will be inundated with pop-up-videos of drunk people shouting, and panhandlers begging for money. For an extra charge, Gallery-Night-At-Home subscribers will get to have a lifted pickup truck in their driveway with a roaring exhaust, all while flashing neon lights and playing loud music. While Gallery-Night-At-Home is no substitute for the real thing, subscribers can rest assured, that they won't rest assured because the party lasts all night!

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