• Roger Fartstein

Ghost of T.T. Wentworth seen wandering around Jackson Square, complaining about cancel culture

The Ghost of a man that is thought to be T.T. Wentworth was seen wandering around wearing a sheet over his head. Onlookers noted that they didn't think ghosts actually looked like they had sheets over their heads, but it turns out Wentworth's ghost was actually still in his Klansman outfit.

It was recently decided by the UWF board of trustees to change the name of the history museum in downtown Pensacola that bears Wentworth's name when it came to light that he was a former KKK member.

Wentworth, pictured above, has a bone to pick with the "woke" culture of today. His ghost can be seen most nights wandering around complaining about "colored folk," and shouting "the south will rise again!"

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