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  • D.T. Deluna

Hotel room prices in Panhandle at all-time high, some resort to renting out tents under interstate

Average prices for Hip Homeless Camp Tents $150 a night

Due to a number of reasons, hotel room prices in the Panhandle have skyrocketed. The lack of the Three-Mile Bridge, lack of available staff and general inflation are to blame. Very few rooms are available to rent on the panhandle, with some basic hotel rooms going for over $400. Some of the highest prices for rooms in the area are for hotels that are teetering on motel status. Yes, rooms that would make The Rosebud INN from Schitt's Creek look like the Four Seasons are pushing upward of Four figures for a weekend. Rent-by-the-hour type spots.

Some entrepreneurial individuals have hatched a scheme to rent out tents under the interstate where the Homeless Encampment is located. It's the latest in a string of fads that will surely make the rounds on pinterest soon. Some are calling the movement "urban camping," which is like glamping but without the instagrammable aspects. We asked one genteman that paid to stay in a tent in the homeless camp to see what he thought about the accomidations. He responded by saying "Homeless hotel? You think I paid for this? Get the hell outta my tent buddy I don't know what you're talking about. Don't knock over the piss-jar on your way out!"

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