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Human bones found at Miraflores Park Near Graffiti Bridge—Some believe it may be a LARPing gone bad

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

They fight with pool noodle swords and dress in Medieval garb, but are they capable of murder?

James Johnston is your regular-old LARPer. He's 42, lives in his parent's basement and is surprisingly a virgin. James attends LARPing gatherings any time he isn't doing other exciting things like tending to his bug farm. James says that LARPing is as real as professional wrestling. So, real? LARPing, short for "Live Action Role Playing," is a fun way for people to get together to re-enact Medieval battles. Kind of like Game-of-Thrones without the sex. LARPers can often be found at Miraflores park in Old East Hill Pensacola.

Recently, human remains were found at the park by a Boy Scout Troop.* Some have speculated that LARPers may be to blame for the body being there. Kathy Duncemeyer, a resident of East Hill stated that she believes that the LARPers may have gone too far during their LARPing. "With all of the blood and gore in things like Game of Thrones, it was only a matter of time before someone was written out of the show so to speak," Duncemeyer stated. The Pensacola Police Department is in the process of uncovering (pun intended) the details of this case.

*We at "The Handle" had a great joke about scouts and bones but will not go there. We are professionals for God's sake.

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