• D.T. Deluna

Investigative Report: Are Blue Angels flying on Autopilot during Air Shows?

"There's no way a human could be that precise."


When he isn't complaining about how loud the U.S. Navy Blue Angels are and how badly the planes pollute the environment, Neethan Flowerspurt is investigating other aspects of the precision aerobatic team. Neethan, our resident liberal journalist has been looking into the theory that the Blue Angels might just be operating on Autopilot.

Autopilot, also known as "George" to aviation buffs, has been increasingly used in the aviation industry. As automation takes a hold of our planes and cars, is it possible that the World's Greatest flight team is faking it? Neethan believes that some of the Blue Angels may even just be playing on their phones while they perform breathtaking aerobatics.

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