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  • Roger Fartstein

Investigative Report: Driver of car that hit Blue Wahoos owner may have ties to Biloxi Shuckers

Criminal act may have been more sinister than originally believed.

Businessman, philanthropist and X Games BMX bicycle hopeful Quint Studer was hit by a car while riding his bike in Late May of 2021. Studer was injured, primarily seeing damage done to his shoulder. The individual that hit Studer fled the scene but was arrested days later. Juwann Myles, the driver of the vehicle, was charged with

leaving the scene of an accident with injury, careless driving and driving while license is suspended. Because he left the scene, some have speculated that Myles was intoxicated. This has prompted some to argue that penalties for leaving the scene of an accident are too lenient, since some drivers may leave the scene of an accident in order to avoid the stiff penalties for DUI, leaving many cases unsolved.

Our research has revealed that Myles was once in Biloxi on a trip with a girlfriend. The source of this information is Myles’ instagram account, where Myles posted pictures of himself flashing fans of dozens of dollar bills at a casino. According to our research team, the account believed to be Myles’, may or may not be his account. The ‘Handle’s research team began work to confirm that it was Myles’ instagram account but got distracted while researching and ended up scrolling endlessly for days. Based purely on speculation and in order to obtain more clicks, “The ‘Handle” has taken the position that Myles is likely involved in organized crime. This development is likely to build into a story that is bigger than any story broken along the panhandle in decades, so standby for further updates.

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