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  • Roger Fartstein

Huntsville Trash Panda’s Mascot found passed out behind dumpster at Seville Quarter

Early Wednesday morning, workers at Seville Quarter found the mascot to Huntsville Alabama’s Double A Minor League Baseball Team passed out behind the dumpster. Authorities showed up to assist the employees by throwing rocks at the mascot. While the rocks did wake up the sleeping creature, Pensacola Police Officers had to bring in a broom to get the Trash Panda Mascot to leave the premises. Charges were not filed. PPD spokesman Sandy Whitcocker stated: “The Trash Panda’s have been getting hammered by the Blue Wahoos, so we didn’t want to add insult to injury. We hope the Trash Panda gets help. It’s really sad.” More updates are sure to follow in our semi-celebrity gossip section.

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