• Roger Fartstein

Pitchers from Blue Wahoos celebrate Fiesta on parade float—Dozens injured with beads

"I'm used to folks lobbing parade stuff to us, this was a 90 Miles an hour Moonpie."

This past weekend, Pensacolians celebrated the founding of the City with a parade in Downtown. What was special at this years' parade was the many Blue Wahoos Pitchers that were invited to throw out beads and trinkets to the crowds. In the words of Joe DiMaggio, "talk about an all-time backfire." Apparently the Wahoos pitchers chose to bring the heat from the mound straight to the float, as a number of parade attendees were injured by flying beads. The beads, often traveling at well over 80 Miles Per Hour, left a mark on the citizens of Pensacola. All was well though, as everyone involved had a great time.

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