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  • Roger Fartstein

Tiny House at corner of Main and Spring on the Market for almost $1 Million.

The 1200 square inch house is another sign of a red-hot real estate market

This quaint plantation-style home has only been on the market for half-a-week but experts believe it will easily fetch over half a million dollars. With real-estate prices thru the roof, it's not surprising that this tiny home is worth so much. The home, once occupied by a family of squirrels, is a 3 bedroom 3.5 bath compound that includes high-gating to keep the Mardi Gras tailgaters away during Carnivale season.

One perk of the property is the free landscaping which is provided by gentlemen in orange jump-suits every other week. Rick Moranis would love this home as the dad from "Honey I shrunk the kids", and you will too, because the location can't be beat! Lot's of people-watching from the front porch as folks walking to their court cases can often be seen underdressed for the occasion and vaping profusely due to stress. Charming! Don't forget about the Wahoos Games! Contact Ron Tinyhands for more information.

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