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Top Five best restaurants to try that have previously had health violations

Citation Schmitation, these joints are tasty and worth the risk

Just because a place gets a citation, or did years ago, doesn't mean it isn't delicious. Not everyone is perfect, and these are just a few examples of some delicious places that may not have the cleanest record but are so good it's worth overlooking.

  1. Tu-Do Vietnemese Restaurant—Some say that the insects make the experience more authentic. Like you are sharing a meal with local tribes in the hills of Vietnam!

  2. House of Chong—If closing down your restaurant were a sign of how delicious your food is, this place would win all of the awards!

  3. Georgios—Apparently someone was once bit by a rat here. Still, so good!

  4. Marina Oyster Barn—One of our all time favorites now gone. A Pensacola classic, definitely worth overlooking any health violations.

  5. Yummi Poke Bowl—To be honest, the first time I went here, I thought it was an underground "massage parlor" with a name like Yummi Poke. Either way, the government should stay out of their business. Worth overlooking the violations.

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