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  • Roger Fartstein

Tourists Visit Pensacola Beach, Immediately refer to Gulf of Mexico as “Ocean.”

Members of a family recently visiting the Gulf Coast noted something interesting upon arriving to the beach. The Britts, from West Virginia noted that they were excited to be at the beach and ready to "swim in the ocean." Locals continually corrected the Britts, letting them know that they were actually referring to the Gulf of Mexico as an "Ocean." Perhaps it was the Diesel Fuels from Flounders, perhaps it was the heat, but the concept of the Gulf not being an Ocean never really stuck with the West Virginia family. Pete Charbalo, a Charterboat Captain explained that he hears it all the time. Charbalo stated, "We have a lot of idiots that come down here and call basically anything an ocean. They'll say 'this ocean is beautiful', and we will be in the bay." It doesn't take Jaque Cousteau to know that the Gulf isn't an ocean, hell I didn't even graduate high-school and I know the difference. Charbalo said

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