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  • D.T. Deluna

WEAR website reports “Familie loses they’re kitten in ranestorm.”

In another chapter in the ”laying off editors at your journalism outlet is a bad idea,” WEAR has again released an article on their website that is plagued with typos and errors. Maybe they should stick to TV? This time, the news outlet ran a story about a cat getting lost in the rain. The story had numerous typos and zero “raining-cats-and-dogs” puns. A literary and literal layup missed. It makes us wonder, is the teleprompter misspelled at the studio? “I’m Sue Straughan?”

While we at “The Handle” can empathize with the WEAR online writers, we have no mercy for the corporate overlords that have laid off veteran staff left and right while feeding the national partisan drama and pushing people further left and right. Perhaps all of the typos are a middle-finger to Sinclair and the suits that certainly are only involved in journalism for the money. We at “The Handle” realize that we have little room to criticize anyone’s grammatical mistakes as most of us failed College-level English a number of times.

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